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  • Service network system improvement

    Can provide customers with foreign trade shipping booking, trailers, customs clearance, shipping, warehousing, terminal connection uncrating, chartering and other one-stop integrated logistics services.

  • Routes all over the world

    As aMAERSK、MSC、PIL、ZIM、WHL、 in the sea, EVA and other international well-known shipping companies booking agent and strategic partner of Guangxi, pan air logistics can provide the most competitive market price and class security to customers.

  • Hazardous chemicals transportation expert:professional hazardous chemicals and special cabinet operation team

    ​The fireworks (1 dangerous goods), phosphorus (4.2 types of dangerous goods), phosphate (8 dangerous goods), uric acid (5.1 types of dangerous goods), barium carbonate (6.1 dangerous goods), ammonium nitrate (5.1 dangerous goods) and frozen seafood and other special goods, customs clearance and transport terminal operation have rich experience. As a small number of yellow phosphorus containers which are approved and appointed by the shipowner, they have set up the industry standard for packing, strengthening and export of yellow phosphorus. At the same time, pan logistics is the world's largest tank company STOLT in Southwest China, the only designated agent, in phosphoric acid, tung oil, alcohol, edible oil and other liquid products using IS O-TANK transportation has a scientific and efficient solution.

  • The company is rich in resources

    Its own trailers and handling equipment, with about 20 thousand square meters of dismantling boxes cargo yard, railway line can go straight, can provide Yunnan to Fangchenggang port sea rail intermodal service.

  • A Alibaba through a business partner and a partner.

    participate in the new era Internet plus logistics, logistics as a pan Alibaba business partner and a partner to provide a full range of localization services for customers, including Ali financial products and the line of domestic and international logistics distribution.